Old Images of Redland & Clifton,Bristol

Old Postcard Clifton Suspension Bridge with sailing ship Glaucus

Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Redland and Clifton, leafy suburbs in the South West city of Bristol.

1960s Redland and Clifton

This is vintage cine film found at a car boot sale.

The year is guessed at as later 1962 or early 1963, since that was a hard winter with plenty of snow.

“Snowy redland and clifton bristol 1960s” – ROCKPROF on YouTube

December 1995

This next video shows cars crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge on 20th December 1995.

Includes the Severn Bridge, The Second Severn Crossing, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

“1990s Bristol, Severn Bridge, Clifton Suspension Bridge” – thekinolibrary on YouTube

Bristol Schools Chamber Choir 1996

On 7 June 1996, the Bristol Schools Chamber Choir performed a Summer Concert at the Redland Park Church in Bristol.

Bristol Schools Chamber Choir, Summer Concert, Redland Park Church, Bristol (7 June 1996)” – Xanthein

Easter Weekend 1997

These are glimpses of Easter Garden, at the SW end of York Street, off Blackboy Hill, in March 1997, during the Easter weekend. The piece of land was being reclaimed as a community space.

Easter Garden reclaimed from solicitor trying to claim adverse possession Clifton Bristol 1997″ – Peter Borenius

Clifton in the Snow 2010

The streets of Clifton after snowfall in 2010.


More Pictures of Old Bristol

Old Bristol in England, enjoyed through historic photos, vintage pictures & archive film. Browse history in these fascinating old images of a bygone era on my Pinterest board.

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