Newbury, Berkshire: Old Photos & Film

The Berkshire town of Newbury may not be a centre of malting, brick making and tanning leather that it was once famous for, but it is still a thriving town of industry and business.

Newbury is generally seen as a nice place to live and a good place to bring up children. You can find a good job, live in a pleasant community, and enjoy a variety of leisure interests.

Newbury In The 1930s

▶  Training Dogs For Police Work At Newbury (1938)

British Pathé – Newbury, Berkshire. 

Several shots of trainee police dogs being put through their paces by trainers in a field.  Dogs leap over fences and rows of iron bars. One runs up a step ladder to fetch a bone (?) and take it to his trainer.  Final shot shows a dog in a pen who is visible only when leaping over some fences inside the enclosure.

Newbury In The 1940s

▶  Reading and Newbury Bombed by Luftwaffe (1943)

BBC Berkshire – On the 10 February 1943 two German Dornier 217 bombers set there sights on Reading and Newbury.

▶  U.S. War Surplus For U.K. (1946)

British Pathé – Newbury, Berkshire.

Newbury Racecourse is a dump for surplus U.S. war material to be handed over to U.K. under reciprocal lend lease. At Bailey Bridge locomotives and cranes are shown. 

Newbury In The 1950s

▶  Reporting The News In Newbury Berkshire, 1952 – Film 34835


Film follows the local newspaper in Newbury, Berkshire. Footage from around the town is interspersed with newspaper employees going about their work in the office, making notes, taking phone calls, typing up stories, editing and deciding paper layout. Newbury footage starts with the town market, people walk along the High Street, livestock market with cows and pigs in pens being auctioned. Man in suit walks through alley. Journalist reports from a wedding, wedding party all gathered outside a church. Local football match. Violinist and pianist perform to a small audience. Agricultural show with horses and cattle being paraded in circle in front of judges. Press tent at show. Fire engine leaves the fire station and races down the main street. Back at the newspaper office a man takes an urgent phone call, grabs his coat and leaves. Firemen attend a large building blaze and fight the fire. Journalist arrives by car to report on the scene. People walking along High Street. Boy sits on pavement talking to policeman following an accident on his push bike. Journalist approaches him. Reporter enters the Magistrates Court. He writes in his notebook, looking up at the judge as case is heard. People leaving church. Man pushes heavily laden sack barrow along railway platform. Woman rides bicycle along quiet rural road to a hall. Actors rehearse for a play. Newspaper being typeset. Boy polishes motorbike. Beekeeper tends hives. Meeting chaired by Mayor. Bundles of newspapers being loaded into van. Girl on bicycle delivers papers to homes. Men drinking pints discuss the news. Man and woman read the paper at home in front of an open fire.

Newbury In The 1970s

▶  Newbury. Drive along Burys Bank Rd. Greenham Common. Crookham. About 1978. Wigfalls Van

David Garside

Transferred from a video I did while travelling in my friend’s (Wigfalls) van along Burys Bank Road, Greenham, Newbury. It was a new camera with separate video recorder at the time and it was just a bit of a test really. Shows how much the road has changed though since then. It was around 1978.

Newbury In The 1980s

▶  Newbury. Berkshire. Driving through Washwater to Monks Lane. Approx 1985.

David Garside

I didn’t think I was going to be able to retrieve this portion of video from an old VHS tape I have had for years, but managed in the end. It shows driving towards Newbury through Washwater, past the old Curridge Car Sales, and as far as Monks Lane back in around 1985.

▶  Newbury.Berkshire. Driving Monks Lane, Pinchington Lane. June 1986

David Garside

A piece of video I’ve managed to retrieve from an old VHS tape of mine. It shows driving from the Andover Road, along Monks Lane, Pinchington Lane, Greenham Road and into The Nightingales. The quality isn’t brilliant, but it’s good enough to see how things have changed, particularly along Pinchington Lane.

▶  Newbury Town 1986

John Rogers – Newbury Town 1986

▶  Newbury. Berkshire. Classic Bus, Commercial and Military Vehicle Show. The Ridgeway Run. 1986.

David Garside

I’ve put together this short video, made up of some black and white photos taken at a mini classic Bus, Commercial and Military Vehicle show in the Wharf car park, Newbury. The Ridgeway Run. From Oxford to Newbury. 1986.

▶  Newbury Town. 1986. Kennet Centre Construction and Multi Story Car Park. Market Street.

David Garside

Taken from the top of the multi storey car park in Market Street approx. 1986. Showing the construction of part of the Kennet Centre and of the surrounding area….and a final picture of the mscp from the ground. Sound muted.

▶  Newbury Town 1987 approx. Berkshire. Driving from Andover Road to Kennet Centre Service Yard.

David Garside

Another piece retrieved from an old VHS tape of driving into Newbury from the Andover Road, along St Johns Road, Ring Road, Cheap Street and Market Street leading to the ramp up to the Kennet Centre service yard. You can see Gowrings is still there, as is the Multi Story Car Park. Sorry the quality isn’t brilliant though!

▶  Newbury Town. May 1988. Cheap Street. Arthur J Chivers. A34. A339. Ring Road.

David Garside

Just a short video showing a little of Cheap Street and the Arthur J Chivers building. It was transferred from an old VHS tape….hence the poor quality.

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▶  Driving into Newbury from the Andover Road to The Kennet Centre. Approx 1989.

David Garside

I travelled from Newbury to Andover and back on a regular basis from late 1977 to 1996, and filmed some of these trips. This one is a drive in the dark for a change. This was transferred from a video, so some of the original quality is lost.



▶  Newbury Town. Market Street, Bus Station and Wharf. Victoria Park. Bee Line Bus.25.07.1989.

David Garside

Transferred from a video I made of part of Newbury town centre while the Market Street area was being re-built with the new bus station etc.

Newbury In The 1990s

▶  Newbury Berkshire Town Centre back in 1992

John Rogers

This is a quick drive through Newbury Town Centre in 1992. Back then we never had gopro’s or dashcams so I had to use a girlfriend to film this using a JVC video camera as you see she did not spend much of her time looking through the view finder so got a lot of footage of the sky.

▶  [Trailer] Tales of Resistance – The Battle of the Newbury Bypass

2 Jul 2015 Kino Kast

England 1996, protesters take to the trees to defend nine miles of pristine English countryside from Margaret Thatcher’s largest road building programme since the Romans.

▶  Greenham Common; Both Sides of the Fence Part 1

fender200: Part one of a 2 part documentary from 1994 on the history and future of Greenham Common airfield in Newbury, Berkshire.

▶  Newbury Town 1996

John Rogers

▶  A Road to Ruin | Newbury Bypass Protests | 1996

Kino Kast: Short film about the eviction of tree-top protesters from the then proposed route of the Newbury Bypass in Berkshire, England.

Newbury 2000-2009

▶  Fire in Newbury, Berkshire, UK

15 Oct 2006 endrelundgren

A major fire in the high street Sunday morning, 15th October 2006

▶  Snow in Newbury, UK – 2008

6 Apr 2008 Billy T

Snow from my window – 06/04/2008

▶  The Queen visits Vodafone

20 Nov 2008 Vodafone Group

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Vodafone’s Newbury headquarters.

▶  Snow in Newbury, UK 2009

Billy T – Snow in Craven Road, Newbury, Berkshire – February 2009

Newbury 2010 Onwards

▶  Last visit to childhood home, Newbury

12 Aug 2010 Chris – DJ Dapper Dan – Brown

Family home for 40 + years on MOD estate in Newbury.  Last walk around before sale. House built in 1950’s for AWRE Aldermaston & Harwell workers, a Cold War Housing Estate.


DAILY PERCEPTIONS – Simon Scholes Vlogs

What is Newbury parkrun? It is a 5km run – it’s you against the clock.

When is it? Every Saturday at 09:00

Where is it? It’s run on Greenham Common. See Course page for more details.

What does it cost to join in? Nothing – it’s free! but please register in advance.

How fast do I have to be? We all run for our own enjoyment. Please come along and join in whatever your pace!

Newbury parkrun needs you! It is entirely organised by volunteers.

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee at The Coffee Exchange on Greenham Common.

Old Photos Of Newbury

▶  Newbury Town. Berkshire. Old photo’s from my collection. Photographs. No 1.

12 Mar 2017 David Garside

I’ve just put this video together of a few of my old photo’s from around Newbury. 

▶  Newbury Town. Berkshire. Old photo’s from my collection. Photographs. No 2.

13 Mar 2017 – David Garside

Another short video of still photo’s from my collection, taken around Newbury. 

▶  Newbury Town. Berkshire. Old photo’s from my collection. Photographs. No 3.

13 Mar 2017 David Garside

The third video showing a selection of photo’s from my collection. These were all taken by me when I lived in Newbury. 

▶  Newbury Town. Berkshire. Old photo’s from my collection. Photographs. No 4

14 Mar 2017David Garside

Another selection of photographs taken by myself around Newbury.

I hope you enjoy them. PLEASE NOTE….The 14th picture in this video shows the incorrect date…it should read Summer 1985, and NOT Summer 1995. Sorry about that misprint!

▶  Newbury. Berkshire. Older photos from my collection. No 5.

30 Mar 2018 David Garside

I’ve digitised and transferred some re-discovered negatives to my pc, and made this video of them. They’re not in any order, as I can’t date them exactly….but thought i’d share them with you. Hope you enjoy.

▶  FLEA PIT CINEMAS #Three – Two “Flea-Pits” in NEWBURY Berkshire

22 Jan 2017 – ComptonLodgeStudios


Two flea-pit cinemas in Newbury Berkshire -The Carlton and the Regal.

▶  Newburytoday – Eastbury

13 Feb 2014 – NewburyToday

ARMY troops descended on Eastbury this afternoon (Thurs) to deliver a welcome load of additional sandbags to residents.

Around 30 soldiers from the 4 Rifles, Bulford, left their base at the Newbury Weekly News offices shortly after 2pm to provide residents with further protection of their homes.

This was the second time the troops had had a presence in Eastbury, having also assisted West Berkshire Council and Newbury MP Richard Benyon in delivering sandbags on Sunday.

While several properties have already been flooded, one couple praised the efforts of the military which had so far protected their home from flooding.

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