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Loughborough is a large market town in Leicestershire with ancient roots. It was noted in the 1086 Domesday Book, when the town was known as Loughburne. 

Views Of The Town Through Time

“New and Old Park Road Loughborough”

YouTube channel Jim Smith put together this video showing Park Road today and what it looked like in the old days.

“Remember Loughborough Pubs past & present”

Mick Wallis uploaded this montage of the town’s pubs to YouTube.

In The 1920s

“Dr Macnamara AKA Dr Macnamara Receives Boisterous Welcome From Students (1920)”

In the British Pathé collection is a short film whose full title is “Dr. MacNamara, popular Minister of Labour, receives boisterous welcome from the college students”.

We see Dr Thomas James MacNamara, Minister of Labour amused to see students dressed in a range of costumes, including a policeman, town crier and even full drag. Later scenes show students in fancy dressed being pulled along in a cart by young men in rugby shirts.

The Quorn Hunt In The 1950s

YouTube channel robert white uploaded this short black and white film from either 1954 or 1955. It shows horse and hounds gathering in the Market Place for the Boxing Day Quorn Hunt Meet. 

Quorn Hunt Meet Loughborough Market Place Boxing Day 1954

The Quorn was established in Leicestershire in 1696, and despite changes necessitated by the Hunting Act 2004 still meets regularly in the county, and to a lesser extent in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

In The 1960s

“1960s Loughbrough Central Station UK”

This footage of the market town’s central railway station in the 1960s is part of thekinolibrary collection.

“Loughborough Graduation 1963 by Terry Murphy”

There’s an emphasis on sport displays in Terry Murphy’s four minute video of Loughborough in 1963.

In The 1970s

“Regent Wharf, Loughborough 1979 cine film”

The Regent Wharf pub on Derby Road, Loughborough, held a charity day in 1979. YouTube channel CEBfilms uploaded a short, silent home movie of the event.

“Roadworks in Loughborough, Derby Road late 1970s.”

YouTube channel CEBfilms uploaded a silent cine film from the late 1970s. It shows roadworks happening outside the Regent Wharf pub on Derby Road, near to the Fisons building.

In The 1980s

“Playhaven 1980 Loughborough”

In 1980, Grapevine TV made a short documentary about Playhaven. It was filmed in one of the old buildings next to Queens Park. 

Local Buses In The 1990s


YouTube channel DaveSpencer32 has a collection of videos showing buses in urban settings around the UK. This one shows bus services in operation in town back in 1998.

The Market Town In The 21st Century

“Great Central Railway Loughborough 1950’s Gala 2004”

The Great Central Railway is a heritage railway in Leicestershire, which runs for 8.25 miles between Loughborough and a new terminus in the north of Leicester. The line is named after the company that originally built this stretch of railway, and has period signalling, locomotives and rolling stock.

In 2004 Great Central Railway held a 1950s Gala, which was filmed by Steve Thomas.

“Loughborough Fair”

YouTube channel emff07 uploaded pictures of Loughborough Fair taken in 2006.

“Loughborough Old Dancing Man”

YouTube channel gsimm23114 uploaded this surprising video taken in the Vice Vera nightclub. A breakdancing pensioner on the dancefloor!

“Market Day, Loughborough”

In 2012 YouTube channel g4shf uploaded a short video showing the town’s market day on a bright but blustery day. 

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