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Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Dunston, Gateshead, in North East England, UK.

Archive Film of Dunston

In 1935, a timber yard was completely destoyed by fire, even though the firefighters battled for five hours to get the emergency under control.

The flames were so high at one point, a nearby street was under threat. Even the nearby River Tyne started to steam, as temperatures rocketed.

While the newsreel records the terrible damage to the site, it also gives us the tiniest of glimpses of the ships nearby, and buildings on the other side of the Tyne in Newcastle’s West End riverfront.

Saw Mills Fire At Dunston News In A Nutshell (1935) – British Pathé on YouTube

The Post Office Directory of Durham and Northumberland

by Kelly and Company

Published in 1879

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