Old Images of Scampton, Lincolnshire

Old book illustration of Scampton Hall Gate in Lincolnshire, which appeared in the 1907 publication of "History of the Bowles Family" by Thomas M. Farquhar.

Old Images of Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Monograph of Sleaford Church, from page 8 of "Sleaford, and the Wapentakes of Flaxwell and Aswardhurn, in the county of Lincoln" by Edward Trollope, Bishop of Nottingham, published in 1872, held in the archives of the British Library

Old Images of Horncastle, Lincolnshire

"Moor-Tower, on Tower-Moor near Horncastle, in the County of Lincoln" by Samuel Buck, published in London by S Buck in 1726, in the Topographical Collection of George III of the British Library

Old Images of Stamford, Lincolnshire

House with Norman door, Stamford - monograph from page 266 of "Ancient Streets and Homesteads of England ... Introduction by ... J. S. Howson ... With ... illustrations, etc" by John Saul Howson and Alfred Rimmer, published in 1877, in the British Library archives