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Bradford History In Vintage Film

Bradford history in vintage films and old photos of Bradford

Bradford in West Yorkshire was famous for its wool and textile industry, which saw its population boom from 13,000 people in 1800 to over 100,000 in 1850. In the second half of the 20th Century, the local economy attracted many workers from countries such as Pakistan. Today the city’s eateries have a reputation for some of the finest Asian food in the UK.

Bradford In World War I

⏯ Watch – Women Munitions Workers In Bradford 1914-1918

This is a quick look at the world of the female munitions workers during the Great War, which later became known as World War I.

⏯ Watch – King George V & Queen Mary Visit Bradford In 1918

The Royal visit in 1918 records more than the visitors and the crowds who turned out to cheer for them. We also glimpse some of the local streets, and get to see women working in a local textile factory.

The 1940s

⏯ Watch – Prime Minister Churchill speaks at Bradford Town Hall (1942)

Churchill brought members of his family and his cabinet along for his trip to the city, which included a speech outside the Town Hall.

The event brought out an impressive number of spectators, especially when you consider this was during the middle of a world war.

⏯ Watch – Motorcycle Scramble At Bradford Pottery Fields (1947)

It’s 1947 and the war has ended, even if petrol rations haven’t. But splashing about in muddy ditches on a motorbike is more than fun for a few lads, it’s an attraction drawing spectators from across Yorkshire.

The 1960s

⏯ Watch – Smallpox Crisis In Bradford (1962)

It’s an event that dropped out of the national collective memory surprisingly early, but in the 1960s this city was the epicentre of a smallpox outbreak. 

Not surprisingly, people turned out in their hundreds of thousands to get vaccinated.

Bradford’s History On Facebook

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