Bingley, West Yorkshire: History in Old Images

Old photo of the Railway Station at Bingley, West Yorkshire, England

Enjoy a glimpse of history through old images of Bingley, in West Yorkshire, England, UK.

Bingley’s Celebrity Marriage in 1929

Walter Hammond, known as Wally Hammond, was an international cricket star. Across his sporting career involving 85 Test matches, he held the record for the most runs in Test cricket, and achieved the highest score in an innings by a batsman, until these records were later broken by others.

He had a complicated life with many romances, two marriages, two near-death experiences, and many periods of financial strain.

In April 1929, when he was 26 years old, Hammond married his first wife, Dorothy Lister. She was the daughter of a wealthy Yorkshire textile merchant.

Police were on hand to hold back the crowds.

They hadn’t had met many times between their introduction at a cricket match in 1927 and their wedding in 1929. They had little in common and didn’t get on well.

Then Dorothy’s father lost nearly everything in the Depression and could no longer financially support the young couple. Their relationship deteriorated even further.

By 1939, when Dorothy sailed to meet Hammond in South Africa in an attempt to save their marriage, she found he was already seeing former beauty queen Sybil Ness-Harvey, who was to become Hammond’s second wife.

Hammond died of a heart attack in 1965, survived by Sybil and their two children.

In this silent newsreel footage, you get a glimpse of the crowded street outside the church.

Walter Hammond marries Miss Dorothy Lister at Bingley (1929) – British Pathé on YouTube

Bingley in the 1960s

Lots of different streets, buildings and events can be seen in this 1960s home cine film.

Includes terraced houses, a large fire, the 1969 Bingley Children’s Gala, and at the end the swimming pool at Ilkley.

Old Bingley 1966 ish? – arrowarchives on YouTube

Photos of Bingley in the 1980s

Back to the days of Presto supermarkets, this collection of 1980s photos includes Ferncliffe Road, the Bradford & Bingley offices, Anderton International, the Bingley Football team, the Granby pub, and many other locations.

Bingley 1980’s ( mostly ) – Martin Sands on YouTube

More Pictures of Old Bingley

Old Bingley‎ in West Yorkshire, England, enjoyed through historic photos, vintage pictures & archive film. Browse history in these fascinating old images of a bygone era on my Pinterest board.


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