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History of Bracknell in Old Photos & Film

History of Bracknell old photos old film local history

Bracknell is a town of 83,000 people located in the south east corner of the county of Berkshire, close to the border with Surrey.

Originally just a village, Bracknell found itself allocated as a ‘New Town’ by Local Authority (Council) town planners in 1949. Consequently its population and buildings have grown rapidly into a large town, absorbing many small communities into its suburbs.

Because it’s just 34 miles west of Central London and is surrounded by wooded countryside, the town enjoys high levels of employment, is home to many leading UK companies, and is relatively wealthy compared to many parts of England.

But the 1960s shopping centre was falling out of favour so in 2017 The Lexicon Centre was opened as part of a £750 million pound regeneration by the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership (comprising Legal and General and Schroder) and Bracknell Forest Council.

Thanks to Carl Winterbourne on Unsplash for the image at the top of this page.

Bracknell Old Photos (1950s)

This series of black and white photos show the town as it developed over the 1950s.

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