Old Images of Barnes, London

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Barnes Terrace in 1823
Barnes Terrace in 1823, from a print - page 1073 of "Old & New London, by W. Thornbury and Edward Walford, Illustrated" now in the archives of the British Library

Glimpse history through old images of Barnes, which became a Borough of London in 1932.

Barnes Becomes a Borough 1932

In 1932, Lord Ashcombe, the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, handed over His Majesty’s Charter of Incorporation to the Lord Mayor, marking the creation of Barnes, London’s latest borough.

It all took place with great fanfare and a procession of horse drawn floats, watched by great crowds of local people.

Despite it being filmed in 1932, the sound is very clear, so you can hear what Lord Ashcombe says to the Lord Mayor, the Mayor’s reply, and the music played by the marching band.

Barnes … London’s Latest Borough (1932) – British Pathé on YouTube

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