Old Images of Virginia City, Nevada

Old photo of Main street, Virginia City, Nevada, taken in March 1940

Glimpse history through old images of Virginia City, Nevada, in the USA.

Old Picture of Virginia City, NV

Old Photos of Virginia City, Nevada

History of Virginia City, Nevada

The podcast and YouTube channel ‘Legends of the Old West’ made an episode of this historic tourist attraction, covering the small city’s history and past culture.

Key topics in this episode include:

  • Saloon life in Virginia City
  • Evolution of saloons from temporary tents to permanent structures
  • Importance of saloons as social hubs and community centers
  • Saloon keepers’ influence and status in society
  • Entertainment, games, and services provided in saloons
  • Saloon architecture, decor, and amenities
  • Whiskey quality, additives, and dangers
  • Virginia City’s unique characteristics
  • Cultural diversity and lack of segregation
  • Immigrant communities and their contributions
  • Varied neighborhoods and social dynamics
  • Sam Clemens and Virginia City
  • Sam Clemens (Mark Twain)
  • Territorial Enterprise newspaper
  • Mining industry
  • Boom town chaos
  • Virginia City’s booming economy and wealth distribution
  • The mines and their impact on the town’s economy
  • Money circulation and its effects on various aspects of life
  • Saloon culture in Virginia City
  • Whiskey and saloons
  • Lawlessness and gunfights
  • Role of saloons in boom towns
  • Miners and wealth
  • Gold rush and Henry Comstock
  • Gold rush in Nevada
  • Henry Comstock and his swindling
  • Gold and silver deposits
  • Virginia City’s growth

LEGENDS OF THE OLD WEST | Whiskey in the West Ep1: Virginia City — “Writers & Miners” – Legends of the Old West Podcast on YouTube

Miles Finlan

Ever wondered what sort of people lived in Nevada’s Virginia City it its early days? Miles Finlan was one of them.

Extract from:

The Montana Blue Book: A Biographical, Historical and Statistical Book of Reference

Published in 1891

Page 105

MILES FINLAN, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, is a resident of Butte; was born February 14, 1837, in Ireland; attended the public schools of Canada for four years, but studied and educated himself while working in the Nevada mines; went to California in 1857 and has lived in the West ever since; came to Montana two years ago from Nevada, where he had lived for a number of years; was Superintendent of Streets in Virginia City, Nevada, for four years; was Sergeant-at-Arms in the House of Representatives in the session of 1889-90 and was elected to that same office in the Senate at the last session; was married to Miss Ellen Turner in 1872 at Virginia City.

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