Old Images of Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas c1910
Las Vegas, Nevada, c.1910

Glimpse moments of the past with fascinating old images of Las Vegas, in the US State of Nevada.

Las Vegas in the 1950s

The next slideshow of old photos looks at Las Vegas in the 1950s, including some of the many celebrities who visited the city.

50 Amazing Photos Of Las Vegas In The 1950s and 60s – Rare History on YouTube

1955 Drive Down The Strip

This is a rare home movie from 1955, driving down from the Desert Inn to the Pioneer Club.

Las Vegas 1955 ~ A Sunny Drive Down the Strip ~ Old Vegas! – Ken Butz on YouTube

The Strip in 1965

In 1965, a French filmmaker recorded his summer trip to North America, including the Vegas Strip.

Because he filmed both night and day, we see the bright lights shining through the darkness, and the Strip during daylight. He also filmed customers inside the casinos.

There’s an interesting moment at 3:10, where a man holds a sign saying:


American Federation of Casino and Gaming Employees

Then at 3:23 a woman walks down the busy Strip with her partner, wearing her hair in big pink curlers, only slightly hidden by the head wrapping.

Las Vegas 1965 archive footage – Footageforpro.com on YouTube

The Strip in 1983

Back in 1983 a West German filmmaker filmed his tour guided visit to the USA. This is when the Berlin Wall still existed, and Russia controlled East Germany, including parts of Berlin.

He recorded the people and places he saw as he walked along the street.

The young man changing the lightbulbs, working for YESCO sign company until 1984, had no idea he was being filmed that day. After a long career as a pharmacist, he was surprised to see himself in this video from so long ago!

Las Vegas 1983 archive footage – Footageforpro.com on YouTube

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