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Salisbury History In Old Photos & Film

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Salisbury is an attractive city in the rural county of Wiltshire of South West England, and home to an ancient Cathedral and many smaller historic buildings.

What is Salisbury famous for?

Salisbury is famous for its Cathedral, which is home to Britain’s tallest spire and the world’s oldest clock. Since March 2018, Salisbury has been known for the Novichok poisoning of former Russian military officer Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia, several British citizens and the subsequent death of Dawn Sturgess.

What is the meaning of Salisbury?

The building of Salisbury Cathedral started in 1220, two miles south of the hillfort town known during Anglo Saxon times as Searoburh, (searu =armour,  burh=town or fortress), Searobyrigand Searesbyrig and in the Domesday book as Sarisberie. An abbreviation of Sar̅ led to confusion with the Latin suffix -um, so by 1239 the town was Sarum. 

Why was Old Sarum a rotten borough?

From the 1220s onwards, residents abandoned the hillfort town of Old Sarum and moved to the nearby city of New Sarum (Salisbury). But Parliamentary seats didn’t change with populations until the Reform Act of 1832, so Old Sarum became a rotten borough with no residents and 2 Members of Parliament. 

Thanks to Julia Schwab for use of the image of Salisbury Cathedral shown at the top of this page.

A Century Of Salisbury 

A Century Of Salisbury And District On Film

Uploaded to YouTube on 13 Jan 2016 by Peter Elliott.

“This short clip is taken from “A Century of Salisbury and District on Film”, a DVD of old cine films and is available from Windrose Rural Media Trust, a registered charity, contact details below. Another title, “Salisbury in the Sixties” is also available.”

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