Old Images of Rochester, New York

Rochester, New York, 1850s

Glimpse history through fascinating old images of Rochester, in the US State of New York.

Rochester NY 1903-1915

Each old photo of Rochester NY taken between 1903 and 1915 is carefully labelled with the location and date, so you always know when and where you are.

Old Photos of Rochester (N.Y.) – 1903-1915 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Rochester’s Subway

Between December 1927 and Saturday 30th June1956, Rochester’s subway was a popular way to travel.

The two stations in the tunnel were left hidden from the public, many of the tunnels were filled in while the eastern section was converted to a portion of Interstate 490.

Rochester – The Abandoned Subway – Tim Stam on YouTube

Rochester Italian Family

In the 1930s/40s, an Italian family who had recently moves to the United States made a home movie of their new life in Rochester NY.

Much of it focuses on individual people. But in the background you can see homes and gardens, passing cars, 1940s clothing and hairstyles, and

There’s even a wedding at Saint Francis and Assisi Church (on Orange and Whitney Streets) at 10am Saturday morning 22 January 1941.

Rochester, New York 1930-1940 – Xander Q on YouTube

Rochester 1963

Lots of places, people and activities appear in this film footage from 1963.

An amusing moment comes at 9:05, when we are told Rochester is a pleasure to drive around and park in, thanks to community planning for the future and “self-liquidating municipal parking units”.

The senior citizens at 20:35 is another funny moment, where some older folk stand looking at others hunched over the flowerbed in respectable clothes, while the commentator talks about how people choose to stay in Rochester even in their “declining years”, rather than “traipsing off someplace else”.

Rochester: A City of Quality (1963) – Throwback on YouTube

Rochester, NY 1963 – Kamlesh Dobriyal on YouTube

Rochester 1989

This video was made on 28th August 1989 by a man visiting some of his 1971 college haunts.

He walks around the local streets talking about the buildings and places that had disappeared.

The irony is that a nostalgic trip back in 1989 captured images which people today look back at with the same nostalgia for streets and buildings which have changed yet again, and has become an important resource for the local history records of Rochester.

A Visit to Rochester, NY (1989) – KKD1247 on YouTube

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