Old Images of Buffalo, New York

Buffalo New York 1872

Glimpse history through old images of Buffalo, the second-largest city in the U.S. state of New York.

Buffalo Map 1880

This beautiful illustrated map shows the layout of the city’s streets and some of the key buildings of the time.

Buffalo New York History and Cartography (1880) – Bravura Media Company on YouTube

Buffalo 1896-1915

Enjoy a showcase of old photos of Buffalo in New York state, taken between 1896 and 1915.

Each image is labelled with the location and date, so you always know when and where you are.

Old Photos of Buffalo City (1896-1915) – oldstuff4all on YouTube

1940s Buffalo Industry

In 1940s Buffalo, the lighthouse,Harbour and cheap hydroelectric power were key to the city’s strong industrial economy.

Industry in Buffalo, New York, 1940’s. Archive film 16924 – HuntleyFilmArchives on YouTube

Buffalo’s Historic Polonia District

Many of the old photos of Buffalo’s Polonia District in this video have been labelled with the address and/or date.

Vintage Photographs of the Historic Polonia District, Buffalo, NY – ForgottenBuffalo on YouTube

Buffalo in the 1960s

Many different locations and communities appear in this video showcase of old photos of Buffalo in the 1960s.

Buffalo in the 1960’s – Giovanni Centurione on YouTube

And this next video shows film footage of Downtown Buffalo in 1963, from Shelton Square to the Waterfront.

Downtown Buffalo 1963 – Giovanni Centurione on YouTube

Buffalo Central Terminal

The next video shows a range of old photos of Buffalo’s Central Terminal from 1964 and 1970.

Includes interior and external shots, some of the workers, and some aerial shots which show the nearby streets from above.

Buffalo Central Terminal in Color, 1964 & 1970, Buffalo, New York – ForgottenBuffaloTour on YouTube

Buffalo in the 1970s

A wide range of photos of Buffalo in the 1970s, taking in many different locations and communities. Quite a few images also have good shots of local people and workers.

Buffalo, NY in the 1970’s – Giovanni Centurione on Youtube

Buffalo Then and Now

Then and Now videos usually show a location from the past, with the date, and then the same location today.

This video takes a different approach. It’s a collection of photos taken sometime in the past, followed by a collection of photos of today’s Buffalo.

But it’s still a good chance to appreciate the beautiful buildings this city has to offer.

Buffalo NY Then and Now – Cory Hill on YouTube

Buffalo Pan-Am Exhibition 1901

Old photos and maps are used to illustrate the story behind Buffalo’s amazing architecture and the 1901 Pan-American Exhibition.

Old World Buffalo, Pan-Am Expo 1901, Iroquois, New York, McKinley, Erie Canal, Oldest Photographs – Jarid Boosters on YouTube

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