The Reverend Hugh Moises

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Back in the 1700s, the Reverend Hugh Moises was the Headmaster of a Newcastle school which nurtered many future eminent men.

The 1885 book History, topography, and directory of Northumberland, comprising a general survey of the county, and a history of the town and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with separate historical, statistical, and descriptive sketches of the boroughs of Gateshead and Berwick-upon-Tweed, and all the towns … wards, and manors. To which is subjoined a list of the seats of the nobility and gentry, which was published by William Whellan & Co., included a section about the eminent men of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Rev. Hugh Moises was included, since his many years as Headmaster of the Royal Grammar School in the 1700s saw some of his pupils go on to obtain notable scholarly and professional achievements.

So this is the extract from the 1855 book:-

The Rev. Hugh Moises, A.M. was for many years head master of the Royal Grammar School in this town, and justly celebrated for his laborious and successful discharge of the important duties attached to his position.

Among his pupils we find the names of the Earl of Eldon, Lord Stowell, Lord Collingwood, and several other eminent persons.

He resigned the mastership of the Grammar School on June 14th, 1787, when his pupils presented him with an elegant and valuable diamond ring, on which was engraved the following motto:—

Optime Morenti.

He died in Northumberland-street, Newcastle, on the 5th July, 1806, in his 85th year.

Optime Morenti means something along the lines of very well done.

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