Old Images of New Orleans, Louisiana

Old Picture of New Orleans Louisiana 1842

Glimpse history through old images of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

While we may not have old photos and film of the city’s founding on swamp land in 1718, these fascinating old images of New Orleans in Louisiana, USA, take us back through the decades to more than 150 years ago.

New Orleans 1890 – 1922

This lovely collection of old photos is carefully titled with the location and approximate date, so you always know when and where you are.

Old Photos of New Orleans (1890-1922) – oldstuff4all on YouTube

New Orleans in 1923

This rare vintage footage of New Orleans was recorded in 1923. It’s silent, and slightly fuzzy, but clear enough that you can see quite a lot of detail on screen.

You’ll also note that even a century ago, people were interested in the past history of the city.

Near the end, we see an elderly woman who, the title tells us, still remembered the slave market of Lincoln’s time.

NEW ORLEANS in 1923 – Rare Historic Silent Film | NOLA – New Orleans, Louisiana – Bright Enlightenment on YouTube

New Orleans Across Time

Next up we see a wide range of locations in a collection of old photos taken in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Old New Orleans 1800’s – 1900’s – John Cary on YouTube

New Orleans in 51 Old Photos

In the next video, showing 51 vintage videos of New Orleans streets, businesses and locations, we see how the city changed and developed over a century or more.

51 Vintage Photos of New Orleans – Vintage Photos on YouTube

New Orleans in 1965

In the summer of 1965, a French filmmaker recorded many of the sights of his North American vacation, including the streets and people of New Orleans.

New Orleans 1965 archival footage – Footageforpro.com on YouTube

Photos of Then and Now

The next video superimposes vintage photos onto modern photos of locations in and aroud New Orleans.

New Orleans – Then & Now Photography – Vintage Shoot on YouTube

270 Old Images

If you have a bit of time to spare, settle down and enjoy this next video which showcases 270 old photos of New Orleans across a breathtaking array of places and decades.

It includes images of New Orlean’s 1884 Exposition, which later gave way to Audubon Park and Audubon Zoo.

NOLA, Old World New Orleans; A Comprehensive 270+ Image Collection, Oldest photos, Antiquitech, Maps – Jarid Boosters on YouTube

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