Old Images of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Levee at Baton Rouge Louisiana between 1880 and 1895

Glimpse history through old images of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, USA.

Old Photos of Baton Rouge

This compilation of old photos includes a very wide range of locations and businesses over many different decades.

Old Baton Rouge Louisiana – Louisiana Cajun Recipes on YouTube

Home Movie Early 1960s

This home movie clip lasts less than two minutes but includes several nice old images of Baton Rouge landmarks in the early 1960s.

Baton Rouge sightseeing early 60s – Adrian Baudoin on YouTube

Baton Rouge Freeway 1968

This 1968 film clip is just over a minute long, but shows the I-10 bridge under construction, and the newly opened Governor’s Mansion.

Looking downtown from the Capitol, there are no buildings on the horizon.

Baton Rouge freeway 1968 – Larry Wagner on YouTube

Baton Rouge High School 1989

In the Spring of 1989, the TV production students recorded many High School moments of the class of 1989, ready for the final senior assembly.

Baton Rouge High School Class of 1989 Senior Video. – molarbud on YouTube

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