Old Images of Louisville, Kentucky

Old Print of the evacuation of Louisville Kentucky 1862

Glimpse history through old images of Louisville, Kentucky, in the USA.

Although Louisville was established in 1778, which was too far back for recorded images, we can see what the city looked like about a century and a half ago.

Map of Louisville 1876

Admire this beautifully detailed illustrated map made of the city back in 1876.

Louisville History and Cartograph (1876) – Bravura Media Company on YouTube

Louisville 1889

Each old photograph shown in the first video slideshow names the location, so you always know which facility, building, business, park, church, or cemetary is shown.

Several houses also name the 1889 owners who were living there.

Louisville, KY in 1889 (Picture Slideshow) – Angie’s Archives on YouTube

You’ll discover:

  • Central Park (various)
  • View across downtown to the river from City Hall Tower
  • Crescent Hill Reservoir, (various) including the main building
  • Galt House
  • Residence of R.T. Durritt
  • Residence of S.T. Ballard
  • City Hall
  • Trinity Hall
  • Pfingst, Doerhoefer & Co
  • Calvary Church
  • Synagogue Beth Israel
  • Residence of Warren N. Henderson
  • Cave Hill Cemetary (various) including main entrance
  • Gray, Bet. Brook and Floyd
  • Louisville Bridge
  • Masonic Orphans’ Home
  • Residence of George M. Crawford, Parkland Hills
  • Corner Fourth and Weissiger Street
  • Corner Second and St Catherine
  • Residence of C.R. Peaslee
  • Broadway Church
  • Virginia Avenue, Parkland Hills
  • First and Walnut
  • L. Seelbach’s Hotel
  • Residence of N. Green
  • Residence of J.S. Lithgow
  • Residence of William Semple
  • City Hospital
  • K & I Bridge
  • Race Course, (various) including Grand Stand
  • Louisville and Portland Canal Locks
  • The John N. Norton Memorial Hospital
  • Residence of M. Selleger
  • Residence of K.N. Smith
  • Business block on E. Broadway
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Commercial Club Building
  • Residence of W.S. Mathews
  • Conrer Jackson and Jacob
  • Residence of H.L. Stone
  • Residence of Edward W. Chamberlain
  • Residence of B.F. Guthrie
  • Louisville & Nashville railroad yards
  • Court House
  • Pendennis Club
  • Custom House
  • German Insurance Bank
  • Church Home and Infirmary
  • Residence of Harvey Middleton
  • Residence of T.G. Gaylord
  • Interior of George Kendrick’s jewelry store
  • Kentucky Malting Company
  • Union Depot
  • Main Street, west from Seventh Street, later East from Fourth Street, then South Side between Seventh adn Eighth Street
  • Church of the Messiah
  • Residence of Vernon D. Price
  • German Baptist Orphans’ Home
  • Residence of F. J. Pfingst
  • Jefferson Terrace
  • Corner of Ormsby and Second Avenue
  • Canal view at Eighteenth Street
  • Pocket and dam, foot of Seventh Street
  • St Mary and Elizabeth Hospital
  • Corner of Catalpa Street and Woodland Avenue, Parkland Hills
  • Residence of P. H. Tapp
  • Residence of Jas. S. Pirtle
  • Residence of J. T. Gathright
  • Residence of Louis Seelbach
  • Residence of A.M. Quarrier
  • Bull Block
  • Walthen & Bros Distilling Co
  • Temple Adas Israel
  • Residence of J. W. Stein
  • Residence of G. H. Hoertz
  • Courier Journal Building
  • Home of the Friendless
  • Blind Asylum
  • Old canal locks and shipping port
  • German Protestant Orphan Asylum
  • Industrial Reform School
  • Marine Hospital
  • Residence of John Helmers
  • Residence of Samuel A. Miller
  • Board of Trade
  • E. B. Scheiman’s Drug Store
  • P. H. Hollenbach & Co on North East corner of Market and Sixth Street
  • Residence of Judge A. Barnett
  • Country residence of A. Sharpe
  • Louisville Boat Club House
  • Work House
  • Residence of George C. Avery

Louisville 1900-1906

Each image in this slideshow of old photos of Louisville is labelled with the location and approximate date, so you always know when and where you are.

Old photos of Louisville (Kentucky)1900-1906 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Louisville 1906

In this next video, the creator shows us an old photo of a Louisville location, then draws in to look more closely at some of the people caught on camera back in 1906.

Each old photo used is from a large format 8×10 glass negative. The technique of moving in for a closer look reveals so many details that you would otherwise miss.

Old Scenes of Louisville, Kentucky 1906 – ReelNostalgia on YouTube

Home Movie 1932

In 1932, a family’s home movie recorded some of the sights to be seen around Louisville’s streets and other locations.

These include Central Park, the ‘City of Memphis’ steamboat, a steam locomotive on elevated tracks, Cathedral of the Assumption, Hotel Kentucky, Customs House, Main Library, Seelbach Hotel, Iroquois Park, Old Kentucky Home on Federal Hill and then the Kentucky State House at Frankfort.

Despite it being the Prohibition Era, the family enjoys Mint Juleps for their 4th July celebrations, while they also cook frogs.


Flood 1937

When flooding hit Louisville in January 1937, it caused enormous damage and devastation.

1937 Ohio River Flood in Louisville Kentucky – Reel Life / CanadaMotorSport on YouTube

1960s Louisville Film

In the 1960s J.C. Penney sold a sportswear clothing line called Navy and Old Salt. To promote it, they made this promotional film about Louiseville, which includes a wide range of locations and a parade.

Among the numerous people on screen, we see the City Mayor William Conger, and County Judge Marlo Cooke. Unfortunatley, the young woman who is crowned with a yachting cap isn’t named.

On board the Belle of Louisville, the audience is entertained by the Stephen Foster singers.


Downtown in January 1994

Filmed on 5th January 1994, this is a quiet walk around the deserted downtown streets at post Christmas time.

It starts outside the Kentucky Theatre on Fourth Street, moves north, and ends at the riverfront.

A 1990s Christmastime Walk Down 4th St Downtown Louisville KY – augustv123 on YouTube

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