Old Images of Frankfort, Kentucky

Old photo of a house in Frankfort Kentucky c1940

Glimpse history through old images of Frankfort, Kentucky, in the USA.

Flood! December 1978

It rained heavily on 3rd-5th December 1978. Then the heavy rains started again on December 7th, and continued through to December 10th.

As a result, the Kentucky River rose from a height of 7 feet up to an astonishing 48.47 feet, causing the worst flooding in the city’s 200 year history.

Hundreds of people had to be evacuated, the telephone services were disabled, and one house was destroyed by fire caused by the flooding.

16 year old Jim Muchmore, a student at Frankfort High School, filmed the devastation on December 17th, a week after the waters started to recede.

The soundtrack to this video is from a WKYW news report broadcast on December 9th, 1978.

1978 Flood, Frankfort, KY – Jim Muchmore on YouTube

Economic Development 2010

So, 2010 isn’t that long ago. But this video created to attract new businesses to Frankfort includes glimpses of many different streets, workplaces and people.

Economic Development in Frankfort Kentucky – FrankfortChamber on YouTube

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