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Famous for its rugby tradition and as a centre of tinplate production, Llanelli is the largest town in the Welsh county of Carmarthenshire. It’s a lovely place to live thanks to the variety of amenities and facilities while being a stone’s throw from many coastal and rural beauty spots.

Llanelli Riots 1911

In 1911, participants in the Llanelli riots were bayoneted. In this documentary, journalist, presenter and newsreader Huw Edwards visits his hometown to discover more about this terrible event.

Llanelli Riots (Part 1 of 2) – on YouTube

Old Photos of Llanelly

Mike Richards compiled a 24 minute photo montage video showing old black and white photos of the town’s places and people.

OLD PHOTOS of LLANELLY – Mike Richards on YouTube

Mike Richards compiled a 24 minute long photo montage showing the people and places of Llanelli in the old days. Many different buildings, streets and people appear through a number of decades.

Seaside Llanelli ~ Captured in Time – Mike Richards on YouTube

Just under three minutes long, this is another montage from Mike Richards showing old black and white photos of the town.

MYFANWY ~ Old Llanelly – Mike Richards on YouTube

Rugby League International 1938

This British Pathé film of the Rugby League International match between Wales and England has nice close ups of many spectators.

Rugby League International At Llanelly (1938) – British Pathé on YouTube

Steel & Tinplate Production In The 1950s

Part of the BFI (British Film Institute) National Archive, this is a 42 minute film showing modernisation at a number of steel and tinplate production centres in Wales. It includes the new cold rolling mill at Trostre Tin Works.

First Four Years (1951) | BFI National Archive – on YouTube

Trostre Tin Works 1952

When Duncan Sandys (1908-1987) visited the Trostre Tin Works, this British Pathé captured the event. He was an MP and at the time also Minister of Supply.

Captain Leighton Davies, President of the Iron and Steel Institute and Assistant Managing director of the Trostre Works shows him round. 

Also appearing is Mrs. Duncan Sandys, who was Miss Diana Churchill before marriage. In 1960 the couple divorced, two years before Duncan Sandys married Claire Schmitt who had divorced Robert Hudson, 2nd Viscount Hudson.

Minister Of Supply Visits Trostre Works (1952) – British Pathé on YouTube

Next, two black and white silent films from British Pathé show the Trostre Tin Works in operation.

Unfortunately the cameraman was more interested in the huge machinery than the people who worked there. As a result, the workers appear from afar almost to give perspective for the scale of machinery.

Part 1

Trostre Tin Works Reel 1 (1952) – British Pathé on YouTube

Part 2

In this second British Pathé films of the Trostre Tin Works, we see several shots of the building’s huge exterior. Inside, workers are glimpsed working.

Trostre Tin Works Reel 2 (1952) – British Pathé on YouTube

Duke Opens Boys’ Grammar Technical School 1960

In 1960, the Boys’ Grammar Technical School in Stradey, Llanelli, was officially opened by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. First he arrived by helicopter. Greeted by a small crowd of spectators and officials, the Duke then spoke to school pupils in a number of school locations. Next we see the whole school assembled in a crowded, but ordered, school hall. On the crowded stage, the Duke officially hands the key to the Head. Then Head boy Tudor Lloyd Thomas presenting the Duke with an inkstand and a rugger ball for Prince Charles. Finally, the Duke leaves in the helicopter, cheered by boys and spectators.

1960: Duke opens Boys’ Grammar Technical School in Stradey, Llanelli – British Pathé on YouTube

Capel Bethel 1975

This silent colour film, made in 1975, is just over three and a half minutes long. It shows the streets around Capel Bethel, much of which was later demolished. Also, number of people appear, including children.

Llanelli – Seaside 1975 – on YouTube

Sospan 7 Mile Race 1982

Streets, spectators and runners are all captured on this home video from 18th April 1982.

Sospan 7 Mile Race at Llanelli Rugby Club 1982 – on YouTube

Murray Street 1993

In 1993, Murray Street was demolished to make way for the new Asda. In addition to clear footage on this home video, there’s a nice commentary full of detail and explanation.

murray st llanelli 19932 – on YouTube

Drive Around Town 2009

From 31 January 2009, this is a home video of a drive around town.

Llanelli, Carmarthenshire – on YouTube

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