Old Images of Jacksonville, Florida

Hogan Street Jacksonville Florida 1900-1915

Glimpse history through old images of Jacksonville, Florida.

Historic films and old photos of Jacksonville, Florida give a fascinating insight into the city’s people and places over the past century.

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Jacksonville in the 1800s

We start with Ben McCorkel’s four minute video showcasing old photos of Jacksonville taken in the 1800s.

Includes pictures of the wooden stores of Bay Street in 1864, emancipated slaves waiting in front of the Provost Marshal’s office (probably also 1864), and the Jacksonville Army Volunteers waiting to set off to Cuba for the Spanish American War in 1898.

The Subtropical Exposition of 1888 was apparently at First and Main. You’ll note the mule-powered streetcar waiting outside.

Jacksonville Florida in the 1800s – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

1893 Map of Jacksonville

An illustrated map from 1893 shows the boats, trains and buildings present in the already thriving settlement.

Jacksonville Florida History and Cartograph (1893) – Bravura Media Company on YouTube

Old Photos of Jacksonville

Every one of the beautiful old images of Jacksonville’s streets and buildings between 1886 and 1910 is carefully displayed with the location and approximate date.

Old photos of Jacksonville (Florida)1886-1910 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Old Images of Jacksonville

The next video includes old photos, maps and postcards, to show a wide variety of locations around the city in days gone by.

Old Photos of Jacksonville, Florida – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

1931-1940 Photos

A fascinating selection of old photos of Jacksonville, from 1931 to 1940.

Jacksonville Florida 1931 to 1940 – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

Jacksonville 1941-1950

Jacksonville, Florida 1941 to 1950 – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

Shopping in the Past

Relive the sights and sounds of grocery shopping in the mid to later twentieth century.

Excellent clear titles show you where and when the old photos were taken.

Old time Shopping in Jacksonville, Florida – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

Photos of 1951-1960

Once again, the old photos showcased in this video have their location and approximate date included.

Jacksonville, Florida 1951 to 1960 – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

The Twentieth Century in Jacksonville Photos

A trip down memory lane, Jacksonville, Florida – Ben McCorkel on YouTube

Jacksonville’s History

Finally, if you’re interested in Jacksonville’s history, this six minute video is a great overview. Don’t dismiss it for the presenter’s youth, because it’s carefully prepared and accompanied by old pictures, maps and photos.

History of Jacksonville | American City History – The Rambling Historian on YouTube

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