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Glimpse history through old images of Dunfermline, in Fife, Scotland.

Malcolm III, King of Scotland, married his wife Margaret in Dunfermline in 1070. Granddaughter of the English King Edmund Ironside, she became mother to four future Kings. A pious Roman Catholic, she evolved religious practices in Scotland, invited the Benedictine Order to establish a monastery in Dunfermline in 1072, and set up a ferry at Queensferry for pilgrims travelling to St Andrew’s. Margaret died three days after her son and husband fell in battle. Her body was buried at Dunfermline Abbey, before being carted around Europe in later centuries. In 1250 she was canonized as Saint Margaret.

Today Dunfermline’s population is roughly 50,000 people. The town is known for its historic Abbey and Palace, and the small house where the industrialist Andrew Carnegie was born.

The Changing Face of Dunfermline

Part 1

This is an extract from the DVD “The Changing Face of Dunfermline”, by Talisman Films Scotland.

Lots of history, photos and old film.

The Changing Face of Dunfermline – on YouTube

Part 2

More extracts from the DVD.

The Changing Face of Dunfermline 2 – on YouTube

Old Photos Of Dunfermline

A great collection of photos showing the town’s people and places through the ages.

Old Photographs Of Dunfermline Scotland – on YouTube

Old Photos Of Pittencrieff Park

In 1902 Andrew Carnegie purchased land at the rugged glen and the following year officially gave it to the people of the town as a public park in an official ceremony.

Pittencrieff Park is colloquially known as The Glen. 

Old Photographs Of Pittencrieff Park Dunfermline Fife Scotland – on YouTube

Dunfermline Opera House

An excerpt from the “Fife to Florida” DVD by Talisman Films Scotland. Charts the history of the Dunfermline Opera House that stopped performances in 1955 and set for demolition in 1981.

The Opera House was rebuilt in Sarasota, Florida.

Dunfermline Opera house cut down – on YouTube

Photos Across the Decades

A nice collection of photos uploaded to YouTube in 2013. Shows different locations around town over recent decades. 

My Movie – Dunfermline – on YouTube

The 1950s

The next two clips, from the 1950s, were uploaded to YouTube by the National Library of Scotland. Unfortunately, restrictions mean the thumbnail can’t be displayed on this page. But if you click the link it will take you through to the YouTube channel.

“The Dunfermline Children’s Gala in 1951”

The crowds are out in force to cheer on the long parade of children and teenagers.

“Dunfermline Clip 1950s”

It’s somewhat fuzzy but 1950s home cine film was difficult to get right. Set in Dickson Street and Dunfermline Glen.

Dunfermline High Street in 1982

A quick colour film of the High Street with a red bus collecting passengers.

High Street Dunfermline 1982 – on YouTube

Dunfermline High School Comic Relief 1990

The young people in this footage will now be well into their adult lives, and many of the staff will have retired. 

Part 1

Dunfermline High School Comic Relief 1990 – on YouTube

Part 2

Blind date, karaoke, dancing with a dummy…and lots of laughing and cheering. 

Dunfermline High School Comic Relief 1990 2 – on YouTube

Dunfermline High School Disco

It’s dark but you can make out a few faces clearly.

School Disco – Dunfermline High School – on YouTube

Dunfermline Building Society 1990 TV Commercial

Founded in 1869 in the town it was named after, this became the largest building society in Scotland and the 12th largest in the United Kingdom. On 31 December 2007 the organisation had total assets of £3.3 billion. Then the financial crash arrived.

Following a merger with Nationwide Building Society in 2009 which later saw many branch closures, the building society ceased trading in 2014. 

Don’t worry about the senior managers who caused the downfall, though. They went off to new important jobs and board positions, and even the New Year’s Honours list! Their online profiles usually miss out this chapter of their business lives.

Dunfermline Building Society 1990 Commercial – on YouTube

Dunfermline Opera House Exhibition 2000

Brian Nobile talks to the late Frida Drysdale at the Dunfermline Opera House Exhibition  in July 2000. Part 1 of 6 episodes, dedicated to former owner of the Opera House ‘John Henry Hare’.

The Dunfermline Opera House Exhibition 2000 Part 1 – on YouTube


Lots of busy buses.


2010 Road Trip

Recorded in the autumn of 2010.

Road Trips in Scotland – Across Dunfermline – on YouTube

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