Old Images of Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs Colorado c1913
Colorado Springs, c1913

Step back in time with fascinating old images of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the USA.

History of Colorado Springs

This first video is 26 minutes long. It takes you from the Native Americans who originally lived in the area, through the 1881 founding of the modern city, and on to the urban renewal which preserves what historic buildings still remain.

Lost & Preserved in Colorado Springs – Rocky Mountain PBS on YouTube

Glen Eyrie Castle

General William Jackson Palmer was a railroad tycoon and, despite being a Quaker, American Civil War veteran.

Between 1904 and 1905 he had a Tudor revival stately home, inspired by the grand houses and mock castles of Victorian and Edwardian England and Scotland, built adjacent to the Garden of Gods and the iconic views of Pikes Peak.

This is a 26 minute film about the man and his love of the Wild West, which led to this grand project.

Colorado Experience: Glen Eyrie Castle – Rocky Mountain PBS on YouTube

Colorado Springs 1946

Finally, we have a short film made by the Chamber of Commerce in 1946, which lasts just under ten minutes.

It shows many of the facilities and lovely homes available to residents of Colorado Springs in the 1940s.

Includes a trip to the Manitou caves and springs.

1946 Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs Chamber Video – PPLDTV on YouTube

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