Old Images of Colorado City, Colorado

Old stereograph image of the first legislative hall of Colorado, Colorado City, 1862

Glimpse history through old images of Colorado City, Colorado, in the USA.

History of Colorado City

This video dives into the fascinating history of Old Colorado City.

The journey begins at Thunder and Buttons Bar and Grill, a renowned restaurant owned by Heather. Situated in a rare historic building that was once part of a district known for its houses of ill repute in the early 1900s, this establishment brings the past to life. Named after two domesticated elks, Thunder and Buttons, who used to pull a carriage for the colorful character Crodauburn, this bar captures the essence of the area’s vibrant history.

The Old Colorado City Welcome Center was originally a butcher shop, built in 1898. The center still maintains its original hardwood floors and showcases interesting historical artifacts. The cellar was likely used by the butcher to store and age meat. Today, it serves as a storage space for Christmas decorations and event supplies.

The Carnegie Library was built in 1904 by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. This library, once the territorial government’s location, now stands as a symbol of the community’s progress over the years. Upgraded with modern amenities while retaining its historical charm, the Carnegie Library offers a glimpse into the past while providing access to modern technology.

Old Colorado City had its origins as a hub for miners heading to the goldfields during the California gold rush era. The Old Colorado City History Center, housed in a historic church, is maintained by dedicated volunteers such as Leo Knudson.

Lorebell McDaniel was one of Colorado City’s colorful characters. She ran an exclusive and expensive parlor house, just one of the eight houses of illicit pleasure that once lined Washington Avenue.

The original bell from the 1890s church still works, a cherished artifact that brings joy to visitors, especially the young ones.

OLD COLORADO CITY “Where History Comes to Life” Episode One – ASY TV on YouTube

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