Old Dundee Photos & Film

Dundee is famous for its 19th century jute production, which propelled the trading port into Scotland’s fourth largest city. In the same era Great Britain’s first commercial marmalade producer, Dundee-based James Keiller & Son, mass produced Dundee cake, using a widespread Scottish recipe. 

Girvan, Ayrshire: Old Photos & Films

Girvan is a seaside town and fishing port situated on the east coast of the Firth of Clyde in Scotland. Although the resident population is only about 6,700, the town holds many historic properties and a working harbour which can be easily identified in old photos taken decades ago.

The Oldest Trees In The UK

The UK has a surprising number of very ancient yew and oak trees, some of which survive from the Bronze Age. We take a look at the most venerable trees that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have to offer.