Old images of Ballater, Scotland

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Step back in time with fascinating images of Ballater in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Old Photos of Ballater

Taking us through numerous decades, this collection of old photos shown in three minutes includes a wide range of local people, places and events.

Ancestry Genealogy Photographs Ballater Aberdeenshire Scotland – tourscotland on youTube

King George V 1926

Over many years and generations, members of the Royal Family have travelled by train from London to Ballater Railway Station, en route to the Balmoral estate.

The newsreels captured the scene as King George V stepped out of the railway station in 1926, ready for an inspection parade.

King George V arriving at Ballater (1926) – British Pathé on YouTube

Strachans Buses

Ballater History Group’s video shows us the people and vehicles which served the local community from 1925 onwards, including a number of different locations in the background.

Strachans Buses Ballater – Ballater HistoryGroup on YouTube.

The Ballater History Group have put together some exception videos for YouTube. You can subscribe to their channel here: Ballater HistoryGroup.

The Royal Family


When Princess Elizabeth emerged from Clarence House for her rail trip from London to Aberdeenshire, it was the first time she had been out since the birth of Princess Anne. The baby lies quietly in her arms, wrapped up against the cold.

Nurse Lightbody picks little Prince Charles and puts him on the train.

They travel the hundreds of miles by train so the new baby can be shown to King George VI, resting at Balmoral because of bad health.

They are greeted at Ballator railway station by the Lord Provost, (Cannon Adam). Prince Charles gets bored and begins to run off, but quickly runs back to find his mum.

Royal Baby Goes North (1950) – British Pathé (YouTube)


In this scene from Ballater’s Railway Station in 1952, we see

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Princess Anne (toddler)
  • Prince Charles (small child)
  • Lord Aberdeen
  • Huge crowds of spectators

Prince Charles was a few months shy of four years old at the time this scene was recorded.

He automatically tries to shake Lord Aberdeen’s hand as Princess Anne is holding back, and a few minutes later there’s a very touching moment as the little boy seems lost and ignored by the adults around him.

Royal Family In Scotland (1952) – British Pathé on YouTube

End of the Deeside Line

Just look at the majestic beauty passengers on the Deeside Line enjoyed from their steam train!

And as soon as the line was closed in 1966, workers were sent in to dismantle the tracks and surrounding infrastructure.

This could have been a major tourist attraction for the area today.

Ballater Last Royal Steam Train & End of Deeside Line – Ballater HistoryGroup on YouTube

Ballater in 2010

Four and a half minutes of home movie footage, showing different locations in and around the village in 2010.

In and Around Ballater – Royal Deeside – heatherglen36 on YouTube

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