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Birmingham History In Old Photos & Film

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Birmingham is famous for its waterways, the Bull Ring shopping centre, (now rebuilt and rebranded as Bullring), and the Gravelly Hill interchange nicknamed Spaghetti Junction.

Today it’s home to more than a million people, comfortably making it the UK’s second-largest city. But surprisingly, this is about the same number of residents as lived there in 1931!

What has changed from past times is the cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the city. As reported by the BBC, the city council states about 42% of the population have Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. It is estimated that almost 50,000 residents cannot speak English at a passable level.

It’s also a surprisingly young city population, with many more under-18s and many fewer over-65s than found in most UK communities. Unfortunately, the high number of young people without qualifications makes finding quality jobs difficult in an age where labour-intensive industries have largely disappeared.

Birmingham’s Old Photos and Vintage Film

This section of Local History Videos shows archive film and video compilations of old photos focused on the city prior to 1950, or looking at a variety of decades in the 20th century.

See the list at the bottom of each page to quickly and easily track down the years, locations and events you’re most interested in.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in seeing a range of vintage films about the city from 1950 onward, head over to the section Vintage Film & Old Photos of Birmingham 1950-1989.

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One Hour of Vintage Film Showing Old Birmingham

JR SMITH: Published on 15 Feb 2018.

Join us as we take a journey into the heart of Birmingham throughout the 20th century.

Each page highlights a video showing an aspect of the city’s local history. It plays directly from YouTube, so the the person who uploaded the film benefits from the additional views.

Which video would you like to see next?

  • Page 1   One Hour of Vintage Film Showing Old Birmingham
  • Page 2   Nostalgic Pictures of Birmingham
  • Page 3   Old Pictures of Birmingham 
  • Page 4   Birmingham Images: 1960s to 2000s
  • Page 5   Award Winning Photography of Birmingham & Black Country
  • Page 6   Birmingham – History Of Midlands TV News
  • Page 7   Old Photos of Nechells and Erdington in Birmingham
  • Page 8   Birmingham (1920s)
  • Page 9   Silver Jubilee Home Movie (1935)
  • Page 10 Pageant of Birmingham (1938)
  • Page 11 Birmingham (1930s)
  • Page 12 Birmingham, UK (1935)
  • Page 13 Birmingham Tram Tour (1940s)
  • Page 14 WWII, Industry, Munitions, & Home Front (1940s)
  • Page 15 Car Rally: Coventry to Birmingham (1940s)
  • Page 16 The Midlands (1946)
  • Page 17 Birmingham Tram Tour (1940s)
  • Page 18 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unit (1940s)

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