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Enjoy the bygone days of Altrincham in Greater Manchester, with a selection of fascinating old photographs and film footage.


In 1936, hundreds of children marched out in formation for a mass physical exercise demonstration, watched by proud parents. There are occasional glimpses of the background.

YouTube: Physical Training (1936) – British Pathé

A Hero Comes Home 1952

William Speakman-Pitt, VC (21 September 1927 – 20 June 2018), known as Bill Speakman, may have been born to an unmarried domestic servant, but his exceptional bravery at Hill 127 during the Korean War earned him the award of a Victoria Cross from King George VI. When the VC was invested, he was the first person to receive an honour from Queen Elizabeth II.

When Bill Speakman returned to Altrincham, both the Mayor and his home town turned out to greet the war hero. 5,000 local children were given the day off school.

YouTube: Speakman V.C. Comes Home (1952) – British Pathé

Although the film suggests a bright army career, Bill Speakman later sold his VC medal to pay for a new roof. A few months after his death at the age of 90 in June 2018, his ashes were buried in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery of South Korea.

The 1980s

A short vintage film clip of a 1980s drive, with lots of large family homes and the occasional shop.

YouTube: Driving through Altrincham, 1980’s. Archive film 93666 – HuntleyFilmArchives

Photos from 2013

Neil Taylor’s photographs from 2013 are so extensive they’ve formed enough material for a half hour video! In the years since, a lot of changes have occurred.

YouTube: Altrincham A Snapshot 2013 – Neil Taylor

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