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Glimpse history through old images of Chadderton, in North West England, UK.

Bomber Factory 1942

Ther Lancaster bombers were one of the most famous aeroplaces of the Second World War.

They carried up to 8 tonnes of bombs, to be dropped on enemy targets.

Lancaster bombers were filmed being made in a factory in Chadderton. On completion, the planes were transported to RAF Ringway at Woodford.

We see rows of aeroplace shells being worked on by teams of men and women, as well as the managing director in his office, talking to the designer.

Then we see a huge hall, which is the drawing and tracing office, where men and women work on improving the designs of the aircraft.

Squadron Commander John Dering Nettleton visits the factory, signing a photograph for one of the women seated at a factory workstation before impecting one of the planes under construction.

Because so many people worked in the facility, there were a lot of hats and coats to be stored each day. So long racks of loaded coathangers were pulled up to the factory floor rafters, using a pulley system.

After a look at another row of workstations, we go outside to see a tractor driven by a young woman, accompanied by a man, pulling one of the planes for a test run. It’s then flown by Chief Test Pilot Captain Brown assisted by Flight Engineer Harry Barnes

Lancaster bomber aeroplane production facility in Chadderton (1942) – British Pathé on YouTube

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