Old Images of the Chelsea Pensioners

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Glimpse the past through fascinating old images of the Chelsea Pensioners in London.

Chelsea Pensioner 1947

It’s a great shame that the newsreel made in 1947 didn’t name the Chelsea pensioners shown, or say how old they were or where they served.

But it’s a nice look at how this version of old age living suited these men well.

Chelsea Pensioner Issue Title Is Pathe Pictorial Looks At Passing Of The Years (1947) – British Pathé on YouTube

Cheese and Wine 1965

Unfortunately only the name of one of the Chelsea Pensioners in this 1965 silent footage, Fred Shears, is known. He is the eldest Chelsea Pensioner in the Chelsea Hospital that year, and is seen cutting the cheese with his sword for the guests. The chef helps the frail Mr Shears.

The guests included Sir Gerald Templer, Lieutenant General Sir Frank Simpson and Lieutenant Colonel Valder Gates, who stand talking by the cheese.

Christmas Cheese Ceremony At Chelsea Hospital (1965) – British Pathé on YouTube

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