Old Images of Aldermaston, Berkshire

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Aldermaston Berkshire UK

In 1956 the new private atom reactor brought news cameras to Aldermaston.

Aldermaston Atomic Research Reactor (1956)

First Private Atom Reactor Aka Aldermaston Atomic Research Reactor (1956), posted to YouTube by British Pathé

Footage from the construction of the first privately owned atomic reactor, at the research laboratories of Associated Electrical Industries Ltd in Aldermaston.

“This woman researcher worker handles liquid air as calmly as though it was a pot of tea”

Under the plans, the nuclear reactor would supply atomic energy for distribution by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy authority. The facilities were also to be used for university research and training purposes, and to form a prototype for future export models.

The reactor was of the swimming pool type, “simple and versatile”. 

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