Old Images of Wheeling, West Virginia

Old picture of Wheeling, West Virginia, published 1854

Enjoy a glimpse of history through fascinating old images of Wheeling, West Virginia, USA.

Old Photos of Wheeling

Wheeling in 1959

A half-hour film made in 1959 showed the attractions of the small city and the Ohio valley.

Wheels to Progress Documentary (1950s?) Wheeling West Virginia – Crazy Amazing Designs on YouTube

Wheeling Then & Now

In this footage you’ll see a variety of old photos of Wheeling, followed by photos of the same sites at the time the video was made.

The commentatory also describes the sites and what has happened over time.

Since this video was made a couple of decades ago, even more changes have happened to Wheeling’s streets and buildings.

It’s sometimes difficult to hear the commentary clearly, but the video is very engaging nonetheless.

Wheeling Then and Now HD 1080p – Creative Impressions James Thornton on YouTube

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