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First mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book as Wendelburie, the historic market town of Wellingborough in Northamptonshire was once famous for its shoe and leather industry.

But the videos in this page take us back through the twentieth century.

Wellingborough Now & Then

A 22 minute compilation of old films showing Wellingborough from 1908 onwards was compiled by the Facebook group Wellingborough Now & Then. If you’re interested in seeing it, here’s the link:

Wellingborough Now & Then: A trip down memory lane..

Lion Loves Out Local (1959)

Watch zookeeper Morris Sharpe look after a lion at home with his wife and daughter, before he takes the animal out to a pub for a drink of beer at the bar.

Lion Loves Out Local (1959): British Pathé (YouTube)

Dolls Factory: How Dolls Are Made (1968)

The doll making process at the Rosebud Mattel factory in Wellingborough was filmed by British Pathé in 1968.

There’s lovely clear footage of several factory workers in their 1960s clothing and hairstyles.

Dolls Factory: How Dolls Are Made (1968) | British Pathé (YouTube)

Nene Plastics manufactured the Rosebud Dolls before the amalgamation into the American toy company Mattel in the 1960s.

Footage includes the Finance Director, J.R. Ashby.


This Super 8 cine film is in colour but without sound. The 15 minute film includes captions to inform the viewer where the filming took place with each change of scene. It features a range of locations and a good number of passers by.


“Originally recorded on Super 8 Silent Cine film which in 1960’s cost £3 for a 3 minute film and included processing by Kodak.. How technology has changed. The late John Bailey and his lady, Sue, spent a couple of evenings with us converting the Super 8 to VHS video tape. The original was projected on to a small silver screen and John then used a full size video camera to capture the pictures off the screen. I have now transferred it to the computer and added a few captions.”


Wellingborough (1987)

A home movie of a drive around Wellingborough in 1987. In just under 8 minutes most of the main streets with their shops are included, along with a number of residential streets and the occasional pedestrian.  It’s interesting to see the types of cars and the empty spaces on the road outside many homes. In the background you can hear the local radio playing, including adverts.

Wellingborough 1987 (YouTube)

British Rail (1991)

Just over 12 minutes of footage showing a variety of trains passing through Wellingborough railway station in 1991.

British Rail 1991-Wellingborough Variety (YouTube)

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