Old Images of Wallesley

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Glimpse history through old images of Wallesley, in North West England.

Rose Queen 1926

This 1926 silent footage shows the crowning of Wallesley’s Rose Queen. You can see a few houses in the background.

Century Old Wallasey Festival (1926) – British Pathé on YouTube

British Legion HQ 1930

A clip of silent footage from 1930 records the opening of the new British Legion HQ at Wallasey, by Lord Allenby, a famous field marshal of the Great War (later known was World War I).

Lord Allenby presents a wreath at the War Memorial. Then there’s a guard of honour by first world war veterans, standing smartly with their medals displayed.

The Mayor is there too.

Lord Allenby lays wreath and opens British Legion HQ at Wallasey. (1930) – British Pathé on YouTube

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