Old Images of Tow Law, County Durham

Old postcard of High Street Tow Law

Glimpse history through old images of Tow Law, in County Durham, North East England.

Towlawvideo on YouTube

Step back in time with twelve fascinating vintage film clips of Tow Law in County Durham, uploaded to YouTube by YouTube channel towlawvideo.

This page contains the thumbnails of towlawvideo’s YouTube videos. When you press the image to play the video, it plays from YouTube.

The first clip is just under a minute and a half long, showing the parade, costumes, and funfair.

Tow Law – 01 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The seond clip, one minute and twenty second long, shows the landscape around the village, then a number of houses and buildings.

Tow Law – 02 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The third clip is just over two minutes long, and shows crowds cheering for a special guest on the balcony. Unfortunately, the images aren’t clear enough to show who it is, but it might possibly be a member of the Royal family, Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother.

Tow Law – 03 – towlawvideo on YouTube

Clip four is half a minute of a large industrial building.

Tow Law – 04 – towlawvideo on YouTube

Just under a minute and a half to see the funfair, advertising a dog with 6 legs, a boxing match, and showing a man juggling knives.

Tow Law – 05 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The next clip is just over a minute long. Opening with men working in an industrial building, we then see a collection of men standing outside at the doorway. One of the men appears to be a vicar.

Then we’re back inside, to see men at work on the machinery.

Tow Law – 06 – towlawvideo on YouTube

Just over a minute of footage shows men waking up in a dormitory. They are living in a camp of wooden huts and round tents, with washing hung out to dry.

Tow Law – 07 – towlawvideo on YouTube

People are working hard in the next half minute clip to shovel a path through the deep snow covering the village.

Tow Law – 08 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The next clip, just over one minute long, shows musicians at the head of a parade, followed by a large number of marching soldiers. Locals stand on the streets quietly watching.

Tow Law – 09 – towlawvideo on YouTube

More pictures of the deep snow, which is so bad that one man uses a horse and sleigh to get around! We glimpse a few houses and streets, plus a man standing next to a pile of snow taller than he is.

Tow Law – 10 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The next clip is just under two and a half minutes long, showing construction of a large industrial building.

It’s a large building site, with the steel frame in place, and part of a wall. Over the seasons, the walls get taller.

We see occasional glimpses of the workmen, although there aren’t many and we don’t see them working.

Tow Law – 11 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The final clip, just over two minytes long, is back at the building site of the industrial building, as the project progresses. The windows are now in place, as is the roof, and internal walls present.

Tow Law – 12 – towlawvideo on YouTube

The Post Office Directory of Durham and Northumberland

by Kelly and Company

Published in 1879

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