Old Images of Torroella, Spain

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Glimpse the past through fascinating old images of Torroella in Catalonia, Spain.

1960s Market Day

It was Market Day when a holidaymaker to Torroella recorded their trip in the 1960s.

Goods are brought in by horse and cart, narrow alleyways are unpaved, and crowds of people bustle between the market stalls where woven basketware displays the fresh produce for sale.

There are some nice shots of the buildings too, and in the square we see people talking or waiting to sell.

Live chickens and rabbits are held in baskets waiting to be sold as fresh meat, with the market sellors holding them upside down by the legs for purchaser inspection.

There’s some sort of press (for olive oil?) demonstrated for the small crowd. Is this what is added to the small amphorae lining the street?

The decorated plates are very pretty.

After the plates, the recording moves to the beach and harbour of L’Estartit in the Costa Blanca.

Old Torroella de Montgri 1960’s Home Movie – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

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