Old Images of Ibiza

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Glimpse the past through old images of Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands off Spain’s eastern coast.

Old Ibiza in the 1960s

In the 1960s, before Ibiza became the tourist party destination it is today, a holidaymaker shot a cine film of the local streets and people.

One middle aged lady fills buckets of water from the drinking fountain and then clambers up the old steps, while another comes down the steps with a casserole dish.

A child also uses a drinking fountain to fill a bottle.

Groups of hippies sit on the cobbled pavement, hoping to sell items laid out on cloths in front of them.

Cars maneouvre down narrow streets and through small archways, carefully avoiding the pedestrians who share the same cobbled alleyways.

Old Ibiza, 8mm cine film from the 1960’s www.DaveEldergill.org – Dave Eldergill on YouTube

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