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Telford is the largest town in Shropshire. But the irony is that until the 1950s the land was populated only by small towns and settlements including Wellington, Oakengates, Madeley and Dawley.

Dawley New Town started to be developed by the Dawley New Town Development Corporation in January 1963. It was 1967 before the first occupants moved into their new homes on the Sutton Hill housing estate.

The Rise Of A New Town

“Telford…. Do you remember Telford before it became a new town.”

Dennis Athersmith put together a good photo montage video of Telford before the New Town development started. It’s just under four minutes long but gives a nice range of locations and people.

“TELFORD – The New Town (The ultimate guide) Part one”

YouTube channel TELFORD – The Ultimate Guide has uploaded a whole series of short films about Telford and its history. Part One collates photos and film footage against a commentary explaining the history and ideas of the New Town development.

Selling The Town In The 1980s

“Telford Advert – 1980s – It’s A Great Day Out”

As cheesy as it could get, this look at 1980s life is accompanied by a specially commissioned vocal track. From shoulder pads to squash courts, an ice rink to judo sessions, this really was aspirational suburban life in 1980s Britain.

“Telford advert 1984”

YouTube channel mungabba uploaded this cheesy 1980s advert showing the modern housing and leisure opportunities available in the new (and growing) town.

Mobile phones were very expensive at the time, which perhaps suggests why the dad visits every possible location in town trying to find his family. Finally he tracks them down at a restaurant overlooking the swimming pool.

“Telford and Tales from Abraham Darby School back in the day. December 1980”

A short film made by M.A. Andrews and uploaded to YouTube by Mike Hudson. Originally filmed on Super 8 celuloid film in December 1980, the quality of this 5 minute video isn’t great. However, it’s a trip down memory lane for the teachers and pupils at Abraham Darby School in 1980.

The Town In The 1990s And Beyond


From YouTube channel DaveSpencer32 is this brief look at one of the busy bus routes in Telford in 1990.


Again from YouTube channel DaveSpencer32. A brief look at one of the town’s busy bus routes in 1990.


Finally another short look at the town’s buses from YouTube channel DaveSpencer32, this time in 2000.

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