Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham: History in Old Images

Old image of Stockton County Durham 1834

Glimpse history through old images of Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, in North East England, UK.

Edwardian Stockton

King Edward VII reigned from 1901 to 1910, the year this film was recorded in Stockon-on-Tees.

It’s only 40 seconds long, but captures the tramlines horses and carts, men riding bicycles, ladies in long skirts and big bonnets, men hanging around chatting at the market, and young lads running along beside the camera man.

One horse driven carriage belongs to the ‘Furniture Stored’ company Jaques & Knowles.

For one very brief moment we see something has attracted a crowd of people, but it’s not possible to see why they have gathered.

Stockton-on-Tees (1910) | Britain on Film – BFI on YouTube

Old Photos of Stock-on-Tees

A fantastic collection of black and white old photos, covering many locations and decades of the early twentieth century, in just over three and a half minutes.

Old Stockton-on-Tees in pictures – jeff dixon on YouTube

More lovely black and white old photos of Stockton’s historic (often long gone) buildings and businesses.

More Stockton Pictures – jeff dixon on YouTube

The next collection of old photos covers the mid twentieth century, when the demolition of the Victorian heritage starts in earnest.

More old pictures of Stockton-on-Tees – jeff dixon on YouTube

Royal Visit 1956

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at Stockton railways station in a steam train for this visit to Stockton-on-Tees.

Because this is a ten minute collection of clips, rather than the complete newsreel, some scenes are silent, some have sound, and some have bits of commentary.

She unveils a plaque at the Town Hall, and then they visit a furnace at Dormond Long Steelworks.

Arriving at Stockton Racecourse, the Queen reviews 500 officers and men of the Royal 1st Battalion, the Loyal Regiment.

Next, the Royal couple board the Britannia, which is covered in bunting, to head off to Sweden for a State visit.

Selected Originals – Queen Visits Tee – Side Aka Queen On Tees – Side (1956) – British Pathé on YouTube

1960s Stockton

What a wonderful short film this is. They start with old photos of well known locations in the town, then show film of the same location in the 1960s.

Early 1960s Old And New Stockton, Streets, 16mm Colour – thekinolibrary on YouTube

More fascinating looks at the people and places of 1960s Stockton-on-Tees:

1960s Stockton on Tees, Shops, North of England Rare Colour Archive Footage – thekinolibrary on YouTube

1960s Stockton on Tees, Home Movies – thekinolibrary on YouTube

The market on a nice day.

1960s UK, Market Shopping in Northern English Town, Stockton on Tees, 16mm – thekinolibrary on YouTube

This is just a 7 second glimpse of customers at the market.

Early 1960s North of England Market Town, Stockton on Tees – thekinolibrary

Now we see some of the 1960s demolition in action, followed by a shot of the huge market with traffic running through it.

1960s Stockton on Tees, Market, Demolition, 16mm Colour Footage – thekinolibrary on YouTube

1989 Home Movie

Sunday 23rd July 1989 was quiet, because Sunday trading laws meant most shops had to stay shut. There are a few different locations around town to enjoy.

stockton on tees 1989 part 2 – videosrus uk on YouTube

Next, you get to see the Safeway store (closed for Sunday), and a drive around the Stockton area.

Also includes the last rise and fall of the Newport Bridge in Middlesbrough, on 18th Noveber 1990.

STOCKTON ON TEES 1989 PART 3 – videosrus uk on YouTube

Buses April 1993

Three minutes of bus footage outside Marks and Spencer’s also captures many pedestrians, passengers and cars.

Given the failure of some buses and cars to respect the pedestrian crossing, I’m not surprised people sometimes chose to just run across the road.

STOCKTON BUSES APRIL 1993 – DaveSpencer32 on YouTube

The Post Office Directory of Durham and Northumberland

by Kelly and Company

Published in 1879

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