Old Images of Portland, Maine

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Congress Street Portland Maine c1904
Congress Street, Portland, Maine, c.1904

Step back in time with fascinating old images of Portland, Maine.

Maine 1898 – 1920

Each of these old photos of Maine taken between 1989 and 1920 have clear titles added showing the location and approximate date, so you always know when and where you are.

Old photos of Portland(Maine)1898-1920 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Franklin Street

This 14 minute video shows us what Franklin Street used to look like, and takes us through a period of demolition and ‘slum clearance’.

It’s packed with information and engaging old maps and photos. You can even see some of the contemporary newspaper articles about the redevelopment at the time it was planned.

History of Franklin Street, Portland, Maine – WhittenHouse on YouTube

Portland in the 1970s

In the 1970s, teenager John Duncan picked up his camera and wandered round the city streets taking pictures of the people and places he saw.

He published it as a book called Take it Easy: Portland, Maine in the 1970s.

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