Old Images of Oklahoma City

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Glimpse the past through fascinating old images of Oklahoma City, in the US State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City in the 1930s

This vintage footage from the 1930s shows how close the Capitol was to the city’s many oil derricks.

As the camera pans round we see the Oklahoma State Capitol building, the Oklahoma Governor’s mansion, surrounding neighborhoods, and a sign for new development of Nichols Hills.

Oklahoma City. 1930. – OHS Film and Video Archives on YouTube

Sonic Boom Experiment

In the 1960s, supersonic aircraft was a developing transportation technology. To check its safety on the human population below, scientists set up an experiment focussed on Oklahoma City.

Starting in February 1964, supersonic booms were set off frequently over the city for six months. Residents had to endure 1253 separate supersonic booms.

The damage done to property eventually led to the end of this experiment.

“Operation Bongo II” – Oklahoma City, OK – LoyalTV E110 – BancFirst Oklahoma on YouTube

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