Old Images of Ogden, Utah

Old photo of Odgen Utah looking North taken in 1899

Glimpse history through old images of Ogden Utah, as it looked more than a century ago.

President Roosevelt’s Visit

Ogden’s Panorama

This panorama image was taken in or around 1914. I’ve started with the full image, then added four closeups which each show a quarter of the image in closeup.

Old Images of Ogden Utah

Joel Hardy has gathered many photographic and film images of Odgen’s past and created several videos of them, covering a wide range of decades, locations and events.

Memories of Ogden II by Joel Hardy – Joel Hardy on YouTube

Memories of Historic Ogden Utah III by Joel Hardy – Joel Hardy on YouTube

Memories of Ogden IV by Joel Hardy – Joel Hardy on YouTube

Downtown Ogden in 1986

Enjoy a drive through Ogden’s Washington Boulevard back in 1986.

The snow is still lying on the ground, but the sunshine and clear blue skies are beautifully captured on this old home video tape.

ogden utah 1986 – q8alsumait on YouTube

Ogden’s Watermelon Park

Watermelon Park is Ogden’s smallest park, located between 25th and 26th streets on Eccles.

But that’s just an informal name used by locals for the community space, because of its oval shape. Its official name is the Historic Eccles Park.

The park is maintained by the city, alongside the local volunteers who look after the plants and flower beds.

Around the parks are a range of beautiful historic homes, built more than a century ago for Ogden’s prominent citizens. Plaques have been erected around the park about the historic homes and their long-ago residents.

The mature trees were planted back in 1908, today providing pleasant shade.

There’s No Watermelon at Ogden’s ‘Watermelon Park’ – Uniquely Utah – FOX 13 News Utah on YouTube

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