Old Images of Provo, Utah

Old photo of Provo River Bridge, 625 West Columbia Lane, Provo, Utah County, UT, perhaps 1960s. Image: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

Old Images of Ogden, Utah

Old photo of Odgen Utah, looking North, taken in 1899. The road is busy with horses and carts, and a streetcar is travelling along the central rails. We see Boyle Furniture and the Brantley Paper Company adverts, with the latter offering 'Job Printing at Low Rates'. Thanks to the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Old Images of Salt Lake City, Utah: Historic Photos & Film

A New Yorker who migrated to the home of his faith, Osmyn Deuel built a log house for himself, his wife Mary, and his brother Amos in September 1847 and they lived there for two years. This old photo of the first house built in Salt Lake City was taken for the "Illustrated Souvenir, Salt Lake City, Utah", published in 1905. With development building up around it, the cabin became positioned at the rear of the Bureau of Information (Temple Block). Not long after this photo was taken, a large Classical-style Pergola was built around and over it, but has thankfully been removed. You can still visit the Deuel Cabin today, between the Church History Museum and the Family History Library.