Old images of Montgomery, Alabama

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Step back in time with fascinating old images of Montgomery , Alabama, in the United States of America.

Old Photos of Montgomery

Old Photos of Montgomery (Alabama)1906-1918 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Montgomery Advertiser 1937

About 100,000 people lived in Alabama’s state capital city when this film clip was recorded in 1937.

Young Jo is being dropped off outside the Montgomery Advertiser by his mother and aunt on a Saturday morning, so he can do some work for his project at school.

Montgomery, AL 1937 – Alabama Pioneers on YouTube

Merci Boxcar 1949

49 boxcars, built in France between 1852 and 1885, originally used for shipping freight, and animal livestock and then for transporting troops during the two wars, were chosen for the Merci Boxcar gifts.

They were filled with tens of thousands of gifts from French citizens to the American troops who, as part of the Allied forces, had liberated France from the Nazis.

In February 1949, the Merci Boxcars arrived aboard the Magellanin at the Weehawhen docks, New Jersey.

5,114 soldiers from Alabama lost their lives during service in World War II.

Montgomery turned out with pride and remembrance in February 1949 to officially receive one of the Merci Boxcars, accompanied by a military parade.

You can see the real Merci Boxcart at the museum in Huntsville, Alabama.

Merci Boxcar arriving in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1949 – Wil Elrick on YouTube

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