Old Images of Little Rock, Arkansas

General Hospital Little Rock Arkansas 1864

Glimpse history through old images of Little Rock, Arkanses, in the USA.

1887 Map

This video looks at some of the detail found in the beautifully illustrated map of Little Rock from 1887.

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Little Rock Arkansas History and Cartograph (1887) – Bravura Media Company on YouTube

Visit to Little Rock

The silent home movie, lasting just under three minutes, captures notable buildings and busy streets as they were in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

1950s, 1960s Little Rock Arkansas, Americana, Road Trip Travelogue, 8mm – thekinolibrary

Central High School 1957

Trouble in Little Rock, Arkansas – 1957 | Movietone Moment | 4 September 2020 – British Movietone on YouTube

60 Years On, A Look Back at the Little Rock Nine – Associated Press on YouTube

Neighbourhood Then & Now

John Kirk and Jess Porter of the UALR History Department discuss their research into how Little Rock’s development of neighbourhoods consciously segregated communities from the 1960s onwards.

Little Rock Neighborhoods: Then and Now – Arkansas Repertory Theatre on YouTube

Satellite Images 1994-2018

This video looks at different areas of the city, nicely labelled, showing how they have changed and grown since 1994.

Little Rock Arkansas Timelapse 1994- Present- Satellite Images – Lion Fan on YouTube

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