Old Images of Horwich, Greater Manchester

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Glimpse history through old images of Horwich, Greater Manchester, England.

Once in Lancashire, and now in Greater Manchester, the town of Horwich grew rapidly in the 1880s when the railways works opened.

Horwich Past & Present

Westhoughton Local History Group produced this brilliant 50 minute video about Horwich in about the year 2002.

It visits various notable locations in the town and surrounding area, interviews older local residents and historians about their experiences and research, presents a variety of old images, and reveals a wide and deep history of the town.

Being twenty years old, the video’s most modern footage is now a piece of nostalgia. The children in the Carnival will all be long grown up!

Westhoughton LocalHistoryGroup on YouTube: Horwich – Past and present

Locomotive Production

Since locomotive production was such an important part of Horwich’s growth and economy for 97 years, the Westhoughton Local History Group looked at this key area of the town’s past.

At one time the loco works employed more than 5,000 people. Some of them appear to relive their memories.

The film, lasting almost 1 hour 40 minutes, includes fascinating old photographs and vintage films of the works, the workers, and the trains they produced.

Even if you don’t have time for the full film, watch the fascinating introduction in the first 4 minutes.

Horwich Loco Works – its story through interviews, Westhoughton LocalHistoryGroup on YouTube

Old Photos of Horwich

This four minute montage of old photos of Horwich takes in a wide range of locations, events and decades. Some show the town as it was a long while ago, while others show the shops and streets of the 1980s.

Memories of Horwich, from Peter Ravald on YouTube

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