Old Images of Honolulu, Hawaii

old photo of Main Street Honolulu

Glimpse history through old images of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Step back in time with old images of the port city of Honolulu in Hawaii, which is the only State of the USA not located in North America.

Honolulu 1900-1913

Title cards with locations and dates are added to each of these old photos of Honolulu, which means you always know when and where you are.

Old Photos of Honolulu (Hawaii)1900-1913 – oldstuff4all on YouTube

Tourists in the Late 1940s

This 10 minute film, ‘Over the Sea to Honolulu’ is about a cruise trip. It was recorded in the late 1940s or 1950 by Ed Olsen, and was both produced and narrated by James A. Fitzpatrick.

After we see people relaxing and playing golf on the cruise ship, we follw them round the island as they take part in a variety of tourist occupations.

The film notes that after many years of intermarriage, there are only approximately 15,000 local people living on the island whose known ancestors were all from Hawaii.

While this film focuses on the tourism, there are plenty of glimpses of streets and buildings in the background.

Over The Sea To Honolulu 1940s – travelfilmarchive on YouTube

1950s Street Scenes

This 1950s silent film clip records simple street scenes, with locals, tourists, sailors, traders, students and business people all going about their daily activity.

1950s Honolulu, People, Drive in Diner, Hawaii – thekinolibrary

Tourists in 1966

This newsreel opens at Honolulu’s airport, then shows busy traffic on palm lined roads, with hotels and other post-war tourist facilities rising up into the sky.

After a glimpse of a crowd watching local dancers, we see people walking along palm lined streets bathed in sunshine.

Men travel on golf biggies to move between the holes at Honolulu Golf Club.

The final aerial scenes give good views of the golden beach, busy sea waters, and rising buildings.

At the time, the resident population was 230,000 people.

A Trip To Honolulu (1966) – British Pathé on YouTube

1969 Armchair Tour

The airmchair tour of Honolul, introduced by Jack Douglas, introduces several old pictures during its potted history, then moves on to the tourist attractions of the 1960s city.

Lots of good close ups of local dancers, and an interview with one of the porpoise trainer at Whaler’s Cove, Randy Lewis.


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