Old images of Hilo, Hawaii

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Enjoy old images of Hilo, the fourth most populus settlement in the USA state of Hawaii.

Rare Vintage Film 1940

Discovered in a garage sale, this 16mm film was recorded in 1940, with some later scenes from 1952 added.

It shows Hilo before the destruction caused by the tsunami on May 23, 1960.

Includes shops, houses, cars, pedestrians, boats, and people at work and play.

Historic Old Hilo – The Big Island 1940 – KailuaKid on YouTube

Chock Chong’s Photos

John Nicols introduces a range of vintage photographs taken in and around Hilo by Chock Chong, who appears in one of the photos.

About 5 minutes in, there is a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Vintage Photo Album from Hilo, Hawaii – John Nichols on YouTube

Hilo Then & Now

This video takes old photos of Hilo taken in the 1970s, and then shows what the same location looked like in 2008.

HAWAII THEN & NOW PHOTOS of HILO KEAAU – drfix2020 on YouTube

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