Old Images of Hammersmith, London

Hammersmith Suspension Bridge 1851

Glimpse history through old images of Hammersmith, in Greater London.

Aspen Gardens Opening 1948

In 1948, a new block of council flats, called Aspen Gardens, was built near Hammersmith Bridge.

Aneurin “Nye” Bevan, the Minister for Health in Clement Atlee’s post-war Labour government, came to formally open the new homes and unveil a commemorative plaque on 27th September 1948.

The Mayor of Hammersmith, Alderman J.R. Buckingham, J.P., is also seen in this newsreel.

The new flats boasted ‘labour-saving’ kitchens, as well as a central room in the basement containing three washing machines. At the time, this was an impressive facility, saving housewives a regular cumbersome journey to the community washouses.

In 2022, the 2 bedroom flats in Aspen Gardens, now under private ownership following decades of Right to Buy, were worth almost half a million pounds each.

New flats opened at Hammersmith (1948) – British Pathé on YouTube

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