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Step back in time with fascinating images of Flint, in Wales.

Formerly the county town, Flint is now Flintshire’s third largest town with a population of roughy 13,000 people. Its name comes from the platform on which an impressive Norman castle was built, and you can still visit the ruins today.

Flint Town & Castle

Recreation of 1300

YouTube channel DEXTRA VISUAL showcases the animated films commissioned by Flintshire County Council and funded by Heritage Lottery. They cover a range of eras and are both informative and entertaining.

Flint Town & Castle 1300AD – DEXTRA VISUAL on YouTube

Recreation of 1770

Flint Town & Castle 1770 – DEXTRA VISUAL on YouTube

Recreation of 1905

Flint Town & Castle 1905 – DEXTRA VISUAL on YouTube

Old Photos of Flint

YouTube channel hyndman75 uploaded a photo montage showing old photos of the town’s people and places through the past century.

Part 1

A history of flint in pictures Part I – hyndman75 on Youtube

Part 2

The second film in the series by hyndman75, showing more people and places in the town.

A history of Flint in pictures Part II – hyndman75 on Youtube

20th Century Industry of Flint & Deeside

Taken from a VHS of the broadcast, this HTV television program is packed with old photographs and films, interviews and information.

Flint and Deeside 20th Century Industry – on YouTube

Vida Wray 1937

This British Pathé film is in three parts, with the telephone exchange in Flint appearing in the final section.

Vida Wray works as a telephone operator, or as the narrator calls her, “a charming hello girl”. 

Her second job was as mayoress for her father, Councillor Wray.

Girl Mayoress Elected In Burnley, Chester And Flint (1937) – British Pathé on YouTube

Drive Around Town 2009

In 2009, Ian Edwards took a drive around town.

Flint, North Wales – My Town…..A Tour – Ian Edwards on YouTube

Buses & Trains 2009

In December 2009, traffic heading in and out of town was captured on film.

Buses and Trains in Flint – December 2009 – on YouTube

Flooding 2012

Ian Edwards caught on film some of the flooding that happened on 29th April 2012.

Flint ~ Flooding at The Yaght, Oakenholt 29.04.12 Part 4 – Ian Edwards on YouTube

Jade Jones Olympic Homecoming 2012

Ian Edwards filmed some of the cheering crowds who turned out for Jade Jones’ homecoming parade on 25 August 2012.

The Welsh taekwondo athlete won the 2012 Olympic gold medal in the women’s 57 kg category in London that summer. She then repeated the achievement in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Jade Jones – Olympic Champion Off Flint ~ Homecoming Celebrations 25.08.12 – on YouTube

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